Gijima Internships

Black unemployed South Africans aged between 18 and 35 and in possession of a tertiary qualification can apply at Gijima for an internship. This annual programme formally integrates their academic studies with work experience. Those chosen receive a monthly stipend as well as further training aligned to their job.

Once the interns have undergone the rigorous screening, assessment, and interviewing processes, they are offered a 12-month internship contract. Interns are selected based on specific business requirements and range across various disciplines including human resources, finance, project management, ICT and sales.

The interns then attend specific on-the-job training within their respective business units, and once completed, receive workplace experience under the guidance of a dedicated mentor. The internship programme is quality assured and monitored by a dedicated project manager and administrator for the full duration of the programme

Eighty percent of the interns are chosen for another 12-month work experience at Gijima. After this additional year, they are assisted in finding work by Gijima’s Human Capital Management team. Gijima also absorbs several interns into the company at entry-level positions.