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Who Is Gijima

Gijima is a proudly 100% Black Owned South African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company with Level 1 AAA+ B-BBEE status. It has gained recognition as the complete ICT partner to considerable clients based on the large scale of technology users in both the public and private sectors. Its intellectual capacity, business model and extended geographic footprint is unparalleled in the local market and provides clients with sophisticated and diverse service delivery options in the infrastructure, solutions, systems integration and networking arenas.

Gijima is one of SA’s leading ICT companies in Cloud & Outsourcing, Systems integration, Human Capital Management & Training, Cybersecurity, and Unified Communications. We are a Level 1 AAA+ B-BBEE status with 100% Black ownership; 41.56% Black Women Ownership; 61.37% Black Youth Ownership. 57% of Gijima’s Board of Directors comprises Black executives, while 66% of its staff complement is from HDI groups.


Our intellectual capacity and industry-focused business model provide our clients with world-class application services, infrastructure configuration and implementation, end-to-end managed outsource services through our national footprint, OEM partnerships and our national Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) Development Network.

Gijima has over 21 years of experience since 1998. Employing more than 2 600 highly qualified, dedicated and committed employees, we are considered one of the leaders in the industry, with retention of well-positioned employees that add value to our clients and the communities in which we operate. Gijima’s specialised business knowledge aims at providing comprehensive and integrated solutions to clients in these markets: financial services, mining, and manufacturing industries as well as the Public sector.


Gijima has a diversified and comprehensive range of ICT consulting and delivery capabilities, the company has a solid foundation from which to develop vertically integrated, industry-focused solutions for its clients across a broad spectrum of industries.


Gijima has the capability and capacity to provide services to large organisations as well as small and medium-sized entities. With more than 50 points of presence throughout southern Africa, Gijima is well-positioned to add value to all its clients, with a large, loyal and supportive client base, long-term institutional shareholding, enviable service track record, and the best empowerment credentials in the industry. The Group also enjoys long-term relationships with the majority of its clients.

Gijima invests in sustainability by keeping an illustrious track record of partners to leverage the full IT spectrum in South Africa. We also partner with global solutions and product providers, to localise their solutions for South African and African unique conditions. We leverage our technical excellence and reach to innovate rapidly.