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Gijima is one of SA’s leading ICT companies

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Specialised staff recruitment
services to clients for permanent
and contract placements

Gijima is one of SA’s leading ICT companies

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Providing Digital Platforms,
so clients can benefit from their exceptional
depth and breadth of business solutions
and implementations.

Gijima is one of SA’s leading ICT companies

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Staying connected is
critical along with being agile
and flexible.

Gijima is one of SA’s leading ICT companies

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Gijima Offers Advanced
Turnkey Solutions


Gijima Technology Services focuses on enabling our customers to enhance business capabilities with integrated platform solutions and services to provide true business flexibility and agility.


The cloud is part of the digital transformation journey, for both public and private sectors, to keep abreast of this rapidly evolving space.


With so many attacks taking place, it has become a matter of ‘when’ an organisation will be breached, and no longer ‘if’. Gijima will look after your security needs with our end-to-end Security Solution offering.

Human Capital Management

‘Technology People’, sums up the interface between technology and customers, and HCM is the golden thread that binds technology and people together.

``A Proudly South African company focused on customer service.``

Offering A Range Of
ICT consulting and delivery capabilities 
Gijima provides services to large organisations as well as small and medium-sized entities.
Customers Using
Our Mobile Solutions
Gijima recognises the importance of mobility in the digital transformation journey. The rapid adoption of mobile technologies in business creates opportunities to engage and interact with users in non-traditional ways. Gijima has developed innovative solutions that leverage the unique capabilities of these mobile devices and technologies to enable efficient mobile workforces across many industries.

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Advanced Systems
Integration Solutions
The Gijima Systems Integration solutions helps clients in the financial, industrial and public sector industries. Enabling them to set strategic ICT goals in support of business strategy and find solutions to achieve these goals. At the same time addressing all aspects of governance, portfolio and application management, design, and integration across the full technology lifecycle.

Managed Services & Infrastructure

Gijima has a multi-pronged approach to enabling and transforming business through effective ICT.

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