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Incidents of malware attacks are constantly on the increase, with millions of attempted breaches occurring every day. With so many attacks taking place, it has become a matter of ‘when’ an organisation will be breached, and no longer ‘if’. It is important to make every effort to prevent an attack, as the consequences will be catastrophic.

Cybersecurity will remain a top priority in 2021 and all organisations need to make every effort to ensure their security solutions and practices can meet the threat head on.

Gijima will look after your security needs with our end to end Security Solution offering.




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    Advanced Cyber Defence Security

    Organisations across the globe have had to significantly pick up the pace of their digital transformation to ensure business continuity in the new era shaped by the global pandemic. However, the adoption of these rushed strategies has left many facing unintended complexities and challenges. The traditional perimeter security approach to cybersecurity is completely inadequate in a digital economy, which is forcing organisations to turn to next-generation cybersecurity technology solutions. Gijima can give organisations access to next-generation cybersecurity technologies via a Cyber Defence Centre, without restricting their digital transformation strategies, which have become key to their longevity in the digital environment.

      Infrastructure and Cloud Security

      A sound digital strategy is reliant on security that will not only enable secure operations but also lead to a business posture that is safeguarded against current and potential threats. There’s no doubt that digital transformation goes hand in hand with a resilient and sophisticated security strategy and resultant infrastructure. Cloud adoption forms an important next step in company’s digital journey. Once organisations decide to move to the cloud as part of their digital transformation strategy, the burning question is what steps they should take to ensure a sound and importantly safe migration. Gijima provides organisations with the comprehensive portfolio that enable organisations to protect their IT infrastructure and to deal with their security responsibilities in the Cloud.

        GRC and Consulting

        With the massive proliferation of data, securing critical information has become a business-level discussion, especially as there is increasing pressure on organisations to comply with data protection legislation. The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act will tighten up regulations and organisations will be required to post-event reporting and how the incident was dealt with. Gijima can guide a business from a legal point of view to develop policies, determining what responsibilities the organisation must fulfil, and how systematic processes can be automated to manage and control sensitive data.

          Smart Security

          Standalone or as a Service, Gijima offers a complete end-to-end Unified Security Solution with a mix of CCTV, Biometrics, Facial Recognition, Access Control, Parking, Unmanned Arial Vehicles/Drones, and various IoT solutions.