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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Data comes from many sources and in different formats. Maintaining and managing rapid data growth creates complexities for the enterprise in terms of volumes and presentation. Imagine what Analytics can do in creating an in-depth view of the customer, to accelerate relevance and revenue, and supports smarter decisions through innovation.

To drive business value, relevant to needs, re-invent data streams and processes to ensure transparency, trust and accessibility at speed. Gijima provides the right technologies with solutions ranging from conventional reporting to customised business intelligence, that will provide actionable insights and increase performance, resilience and competitive advantage.

    Big Data

    Big Data combines a wide range of sources, ranging from social media, mobile devices and internal business data. Managing these datasets depends on the optimisation of the operational infrastructure and the right solutions.

    Gijima’s Big Data team provide the knowledge, capabilities and toolsets to enable companies to reduce costs in maintaining data through the consolidation of data silos, as well as the cleansing, enriching and processing of data.

    We understand the challenges that our customers face. Through our experience in working with big data tools and our expertise in using these tools we are confident that we have the team to provide clients the best Big Data solutions.

      Artificial Intelligence

      Companies today are looking for new ways to improve visibility into their business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key technology that companies are looking at to help extend human capabilities. In fact, our customers see significant gains when applying AI in their business.

      Gijima provides the solutions to support companies to compile a strong AI strategy in transforming the entire business to invest in the right systems, build responsible practices, and prepare businesses for the future.

        Data Management

        Managing Data is a key area of importance. Companies make an effort to reduce the risks involving this key asset and make it relevant, complete, accurate, timely and consistent.

        Gijima has a team of certified professionals to deliver effective data management and minimise data risks. We have years of experience in this field across many industries.

        We can assist to eliminate data silos, improve collection of the datasets and processes to manage the data and therefore increase benefits to companies. Our data management solutions enable clients to maintain the accuracy and accountability of their information.