What We Do

Vision 2025

Key Differentiators

Delivering IT Products and Services is a process of understanding the customers business requirements, culture and challenges in a world that is highly competitive and also characterised by delivering products and services in a commoditised environment. To differentiate itself from the competition Gijima provides products and services on time, on specification and at the best price.

The four key aspects of this are:

  1. Strong Outsource Footprint
  2. Established partnerships
  3. Strategic leadership
  4. Customer-centric

At the same time Gijima’s key enablers are its:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Managed Services
  3. ICT infrastructure
  4. Multi-cloud provider

The dynamic changes in the market, the need for innovation and the development of technology is shifting the focus on digital transformation and the necessity of digital platforms.

Gijima provides a digital readiness assessment service, for clarity of vision and concrete steps that are required to leapfrog successfully into the digital age. As cloud agility and elasticity are increasingly being sought after by companies, a formal organisational review and cloud migration assessment serves as an invaluable service for achieving these goals.

Gijima has a pool of skilled professionals with extensive customer specific knowledge . Addressing specific market needs with flexible solutions is an integral part of Gijima’s end-to-end portfolio. Cloud is one of Gijima’s fundamental pillars on which our portfolio is based. With this foundation and our integrated approach, we support your company’s digital transformation goals with an end-to-end, and scalable digitalisation process. Our expertise represents an array of technologies which helps you with your digital journey and ‘new’ innovative solutions to accelerate your business into the digital age. We provide a hybrid digital platform and services, tailored for your specific needs.


Our transformation agenda seek to implement analytic practices and bespoke solutions that efficiently address the clients’ needs and prospects. The inclusive innovativeness is to rally outcomes for our people and provide an effective working environment for the Gijima community.

The Transformation Agenda covers the following focus areas:

  • Equal opportunity procedures and managing diversity in the workplace, by ensuring a diverse workforce representative of South Africa through active talent management principles.
  • Creating a diverse and transformed environment, which provides equal opportunities to all its employees, while giving special consideration to employees from Designated Groups.
  • Implementation of accelerated development programmes aimed at fast-tracking Designated Groups with prominence on black and woman employees.
  • Improving the structure of supply chain management, while supporting transformation compliant businesses, are as key to driving Transformation.
  • Improve and capture high potential black owned small businesses into value chain. Each SME within the Gijima network boasts successful partnerships thereby influencing the quality of service delivery. Coming together as a collective, we now have an expanse of unique skill sets, expertise and experience to drive end-to-end ICT solutions within any organisation.
  • Leveraging stakeholder relationships to maximise contributions to economic access of vulnerable citizens

Our agenda is audacious, determined, and seeks to engender an ICT entity that is foresighted, proactive, responsive, results-driven, transparent, accountable, appropriately resourced and equipped to deliver on its mandate; an organisation that meets the needs and expectations of its stakeholders.

100% Black Woman and Youth Owned
41.56% Black Women Ownership improved
61.37% Black Youth Ownership improved
135% Procurement Recognition Level

Our Ownership Structure

We are 100% Black Woman and Youth Owned leading ITC entity with 100% locally funded, controlled and managed.

Black Women Ownership improved to the current 41.56%

Black Youth Ownership improved to the current  61.37%

Thus… B-BBEE Status Level 1 -Procurement Recognition Level : 135%

Gijima has a multi-pronged approach to enabling and transforming business through effective ICT Outsourcing and Managed Services:

  • Infrastructure and Cloud Services – Full Lifecycle management and provision of all ICT infrastructure.
  • Enabling Business – Enabling People and Business through the provision of secure and connected collaboration solutions.
  • Digital Transformation – Assisting business to innovate and be competitive through digital automation and optimisation.

Empowering South Africans

An indispensable element for the company is Gijima Learning, a division within Human Capital Management.

For organisations it is the complete learning partner for comprehensive and industry relevant training solutions. Training and education is focused, different and unique, because of its service-centric partnering approach. It is customised to an organisation’s particular requirements and circumstances in providing the best training solution for an organisations employees.

The division has over 12 years-experience within the Corporate, Public, and Skills Development sectors in South Africa.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the learning and development sector, its solutions range from business and IT training through to learning content design and development.

Youth development programmes

Gijima trains hundreds of students in its programmes every year, in partnership with leading international OEMs, and Gijima’s client-base.

Our Youth Development Programmes has two fundamental aims:

  1. Upskilling individuals in the latest IT skills, empowering a new generation of techies for organisations.
  2. Empowering the disadvantaged youth by providing technical learning programmes.