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Human Capital Management

At Gijima Human Capital Management we make our clients more competitive by redesigning and supporting key human capital management processes. We concern ourselves with the effective acquisition, development, optimisation, retention and measurement of IT and technical staff as a strategic business asset. We also assist organisations in the adoption of new technologies and processes through organisational change and skill development programmes.

The rapid advancement in technology and data density has rendered governments, businesses, and society at large very dependent on a progressively scarce IT skill set. With increased global competition and employment options making the war for talent a reality, organizations are therefore constantly challenged to attract, retain and utilise scarce IT and professional employees effectively.

HCM Recruitment division specialises in the recruitment, selection, assessment and placement of top flight ICT candidates within the financial, mining, manufacturing, and the public sectors. HCM ensures our clients of an expert recruitment process from an extensive database of more than 85 000 highly qualified candidates.

Gijima offer a wide range of staffing, executive search and talent sourcing services supported by the latest technology and social media platforms. We offer the following services:

  • Recruitment / Staffing Services including:
  • Contingency recruitment
  • Temporary Employment Services
  • Graduate Recruitment
  • Talent Mapping and pooling
  • Response handling
  • Candidate Vetting
  • Recruitment Process Outsource (RPO)
  • A dedicated Executive Search team
  • Superior technological and systems integration capability:
  • Eclipse Database and E-Recruitment
  • Social Media – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • HCM job portal – careerinict.com
  • ICT Systems integration capability
  • Vertically integrated, industry-focused solutions
  • Certified professionals
  • ICT Accreditation.


We offer a tailored and integrated talent management approach to our clients staffing needs, making use of our full human capital management capability.

In our globally competitive economy organisations have become dependent on information technology to understand and transact with their customers, suppliers and staff. ITC has become instrumental to collaboration and knowledge sharing, to the design and operation of business processes, and to decision making based on real time business intelligence. In addition we have seen a mass adoption of IT and communication technology by consumers – with mobile computing devices and software applications being more accessible to an ever growing world population. The Gijima school of digital has two fundamental aims:

  • To up skill large numbers of individuals to enable the benefitial use of new generation digital technologies in our organisations.
  • To enable employment of disadvantaged youth in the IT sector through high impact, affordable technical learning programmes.
The Gijima School of Digital is widely considered the complete learning partner for comprehensive and industry relevant training programmes that are characterized by robust project management and impressive employment outcomes. We train hundreds of students in our programmes every year in partnership with leading international OEM’s as well as the Gijima client base.


Our offerings range from entry-level digital literacy and IT support to advanced programmes in Business Analysis, Cloud, Coding as well as Data Science.
We offer learnerships, internships and graduate programmes with the following characteristics:

  • Sophisticated selection tools to ensure learner suitability
  • SETA and BBBEE compliant with a range of funding opportunities
  • Internationally recognized IT certifications
  • Blended learning approach with expert facilitators and mentors
  • Relevant and managed workplace experience with leading organisations


Our in-house Pearson and Prometric accredited examination Centre rounds of our offering. Once ready our students literally walk down the passage to obtain a leading, internationally certified and recognized ICT qualification.

Gijima has extensive experience in large scale system implementations. In large complex organisations such changes are often disruptive and costly if not actively managed. Project budget overruns are quite common, and often the business value of the technology is not realised long after implementation. Our behaviour scientists work seamlessly with the project implementation team to ensure that the organisation is well prepared for the change, staff are trained and the business value is realised in the shortest time frame.

+Organisation Change Management
The Gijima Organisation Change Management is a systematic approach to create awareness, acceptance and competence to master large scale organizational changes and technology adoption. The Change Management approach focuses on how the change is managed during the introduction of new business models , systems and processes.

We have extensive experience in large scale system implementations and our approach has been developed to align with the IT project objectives:

  • To create awareness about the specific project
  • To create desire and excitement about being part of the specific project
  • To a promote and build a foundation for a culture of system adoption
  • Equip and transfer Change Management skills from Consultants to client
  • To support the business in adapting to the change
  • Ensuring the change is reinforced and sustained post implementation.

+End User Training
Gijima provides a range of services to ensure competence and mastery of end users of IT technology and systems applications. Our offering is wide ranging and can deal with issues of general computer literacy, implementations or migrations in Microsoft Office applications, ERP systems or bespoke software, as well as the adoption of mobile technologies and business process automation.
Our training solution approach consists of four integrated elements:

  • Role and competency mapping. This involves the translation of system impact attributes and business processes into functional role maps and detailed competency requirements.
  • Pre- and Post-training skills audit. Gijima will analyse the current skills set of affected roles and determine the core skills, knowledge and attitudes required to meet the future role requirements.
  • Curriculum and material development. The Curriculum will commence with the grouping and sequencing of objectives into lessons, followed by the grouping of lessons into modules, which will form the basis of training delivery.
  • Training delivery. A training delivery plan will be developed and executed based on the client requirements. We incorporate a variety of delivery options from classroom, e- learning to one-on-one executive training on client sites to achieve client specific training outcomes

With the rapid and on-going development of technology, the training and learning options are expanding with exciting possibilities. E-learning, which refers to electronic, online or mobile learning, has brought very cost effective opportunities to large scale geographically dispersed organisations. Gijima offers state of the art systems, software and a team of learning experts to provide its clients the opportunity to provide high impact, economical and structured learning interventions in their organisations.

Gijima designs and develops custom e-learning programmess for clients, often focusing on a set of competencies or job profile. This will entail the compilation of e-learning content supplemented by face to face training in a structured manner to achieve predefined objectives.

E-learning is used very successfully to deliver part or all of a course whether it’s in an institution, part of mandatory business training or a full distance learning course. Depending on the audience, type of content, and purpose of the course, e-learning can be adapted to suit the learning result in part or full. It can be made available on various devices including laptops, tablets and mobile smart phones which open up endless creative communication and learning interventions.
We believe in the following benefits of e-Learning:

  • Operates in real time
  • Accelerates learning and deployment of business wide interventions
  • Cuts paperwork and administrative overheads
  • Makes for wide scale delivery capability
  • Fit for purpose – value relevance, quality and speed
  • Makes for self paced learning – value/ respect individuals time and place
  • Provide for comprehensive assessments and reporting.

Gijima also supports a Learner Management System (LMS) for proper record-keeping and learner management. As an administrative tool, the Learning Management System manages and co-ordinates classroom and computer based training programmes, tracks the transference of skills, stores training records and monitors feedback and evaluations of learners.


We have completed a number of assignments covering areas such as:

  • Banking systems
  • Banking compliance and regulation
  • Compliance officer
  • Employee data security
  • Company induction
  • Safety and Health.

Gijima understands that staff surveys and assessments serve as vehicles to assist organisations to understand and facilitate human productivity, growth and development. The return on investment of these services lies not in the tools but in the application thereof in the areas of staff selection, development, motivation and ultimately in strategy attainment. As part of this complete offering we provide a specialist assessment service, including competence assessment.


  • Research based profiling and organisational surveys, from macro-culture to individual level
  • Integrated methodology that ensure assessments are aligned to recruitment and selection purposes, talent identification and management, succession planning and career development path ways
  • Development and implementation of internal systems and procedures to drive talent sourcing, recruitment, and career development within organisations, based on international and national best practice guidelines
  • HPCSA accredited and culturally relevant psychometric assessment, tailored to the organisational need
  • Change management and implementation
  • Tailor-made instruments to identify organisational improvement areas, through 360˚ assessments and incisive, research-based consultation
  • Step-by-step assessment and feedback to complement a objective recruitment/development process
  • Assessment and Development Centre for management and leadership development.

Gijima has extensive experience in senior management evaluation in both the public and private sectors and boasts national footprint of psychologists and psychometrists.

Through years of serving the sector, Gijima has developed an exceptional understanding of the Metals, Engineering and Mining industries. Gijima delivers technical skill development services through leading training centres in Benoni, Middelburg and Lephalale, as well as with a number of programmes available at client sites. Training takes place in our well-equipped workshops or on client sites, facilitated by training consultants and assessors with high level of industry and training experience.

Offerings include apprenticeships, learnerships, assessments, skills programmes and specialist courses in a wide range of disciplines.

These include mechanical, electrical, welding, boilermaking, rigging, pipe fiting and hydraulics, as well as control and instrumentation.

We are accredited trade test centre operators and also provide comprehensive trade test preparation to ensure success rates.

We also assess and provide competence profiles for existing artisans.

We provide a range of operations and compliance courses, including:

  • Mobile lifting equipment training and licensing
  • SHEQ training
  • Supervisory training.


Our services and training facilities are accredited with the MERSETA, ESETA, CHIETA as well as the MQA. We have a proud track record in managing outsourced training centres, as well as large scale projects where we own the entire process from recruitment to final certification.

By recognising, identifying, evaluating and controlling health risks in the working environment, organisations can reduce or even prevent work-induced stress, disease, inefficiency and accidents.  We are an Approved Inspection Authority with the Department of Labour and our OH Services team consists of highly qualified and experienced Occupational Hygiene professionals, all certified by the Southern African Institute of Occupational Hygiene (SAIOH).

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993 as amended) and the Hazardous Chemical Substances Regulations (1995), as well as the Mine Health and Safety Act (1996 as amended) require a complete qualitative OH Risk Assessment of the working environment in order to develop a plan of action to reduce Occupational Health risks.

Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services can develop, implement and maintain comprehensive Occupational Health programmes in the workplace.
A detailed Occupational Health Risk Assessment includes for identifying health hazards in the workplace to which workers are exposed to as a result of the work processes and activities. It also assigns a risk rating to these hazards, evaluates the effectiveness of existing control methods and recommends specific control measures and engineering methods to eliminate, mitigate or control identified health hazards.


From this assessment a suitable monitoring programme of the identified stressors (physical and chemical) can be proposed.
OHES services also include comprehensive monitoring of all Chemical (Dust, fumes, vapours, e.g. Crystalline Silica, Asbestos, Welding emissions, Gases, PAHs, CTPVs, In- door Air quality), Physical Stressors (Noise, Heat, Cold, Illumination, Vibration, Ventilation, etc.), and Hazardous Biological Agents. We also provide Ergonomic services and Occupational Hygiene and Risk Training.

Gijima OH&ES Services are also tailored to assist clients in meeting the latest stringent, demanding and challenging environmental compliance and data reporting requirements. We deal with Air, Water and Soil Pollution by means of developing suitable and effective monitoring programmes, including dust fall-out and PM10  monitoring, as well as environmental noise assessments, water quality and soil pollution monitoring.


The Gijima has its own laboratory which offers analytical services designed to complement the existing occupational and environmental monitoring and testing services offered by us. The laboratory is equipped with state of the art equipment designed to test for the full range of inorganic species. Detection limits are within internationally accepted norms down to sub part per billion levels.
Analyses are conducted using internal/external standards as well Certified Reference Materials.