Success Stories

SRC Elected Virtually

Technology is at the forefront of solving challenges COVID-19 has created. It was how the University of Johannesburg (UJ) solved the issue of electing new student bodies. UJ knew these elections could not be operated in the same way as in the past due to lockdown regulations.

For the first time in its history, students voted for their SRC and House Committees 2021 virtually. Logic Modibedi, Director: Student Life and Governance (acting) says through Microsoft, and Gijima the university conducted this virtual election without any major hiccups.

“They were efficient, and the assistance we received from them regarding the level of detail and accountability on each phase of the project contributed immensely to the successful completion and outcome of this project,” elaborates Modibedi.

Adding, “The team was always available when required, and they were quick in resolving any issues that arose. As a result, the entire project ran efficiently, and the university looks forward to working with Microsoft and Gijima when next year’s student elections take place.”

With the licensing limitations, changing customer requirements and extremely tight deadlines, the solution was well received and performed very well.

UJs committee could extract the results and monitor the support from students from the comfort of any of their connected mobile devices. Being built on SharePoint Online, a full audit trail is also available for the auditors. Going forward, the next electoral runs would be marketed long before the start of registration and voter education would receive more attention.