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Achieving Efficiency With Microsoft Azure

APPSolve builds custom software and apps for financial solution providers. When its hosting provider informed the company, it would no longer be offering them the service they required, it created a bit of a dilemma for the company. APPSolve needed to find a solution that satisfied a number of elements. Firstly its Oracle license model was based in South Africa, and it could provide at least the same performance as its current solution at a similar or better price.

Gijima was able to assist by creating a scalable infrastructure solution in Microsoft Azure leveraging the following technologies: Azure Virtual Machines; Azure Storage Account; and Azure Backup.

However, before APPSolve implemented its solution on Azure initially as a proof of concept, it also implemented the solution with Amazon Web Services and Oracle Cloud.

The solution provided by Gijima was the option that satisfied all of APPSolve’s requirements.

This system performed at the expected parameters with regards to performance and stability. Access to developers was easy to provision, and the impact on APPSolve resources was minimal.

Benefits experienced by APPSolve included increased availability and elasticity. An overall cost saving from its previous hosting provider; the ease of deployment and migration; the ease of implementing a DR solution; and the seamless failover with no impact to users.

APPSolve said afterward this implementation would never have been possible without the expertise and guidance provided by Gijima.

Gijima is a proudly 100% Black Owned South African Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company with Level 1 AAA+ B-BBEE status.
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