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maximise your
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Many businesses are only
realising 57% of the value
of Microsoft 365.

We understand that many employees struggle to fully use the
capabilities of M365 which means less competitive and
productive workforce who many unnecessary struggle

Are you unsure on how to prepare for the release and
adoption of AI-driven, Microsoft 365 Copilot?

Many companies realise they have not implemented proper
governance of M365 which increases risk.

Like you, many companies require assistance to rationalise
duplication of capabilities in various software applications to
reduce licensing costs and streamline business operations.

Correctly implementing and leveraging security for M365 is
critical in a hybrid work from home workforce.

Safely run your business from anywhere with a secure,
comprehensive, AI-powered cloud solution that makes
hybrid-work work.

Your certified Microsoft partner for
the Microsoft 365 Productivity Cloud!

Gijima specialises in the deployment, adoption, optimisation, and support Microsoft 365.
Our Security and Productivity experts help businesses empower employees to unleash
productivity and innovation to achieve a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, our trusted Managed Services business simplifies the management,
governance, and support of the M365 Productivity Cloud.

Let us help you automate business processes, modernise your intranet or website, benefit
from Microsoft Teams Voice and enhance security with E3 or E5 deployments coupled with
User-Adoption and People Change Management.

We help you safely run your business from anywhere with a secure, comprehensive,
AI-powered Productivity Cloud Solution that makes hybrid-work work.

  Microsoft 365 Copilot is a game changer!

Copilot in Outlook helps you clear your
inbox in minutes, not hours.

Copilot in Teams ensures every meeting is a
highly productive meeting.

Copilot in Word will help jump-start the
creative writing process saving you hours in
creating professional documents.

Copilot in PowerPoint helps you create
beautiful presentations with a simple prompt.

Copilot in Power Platform helps anyone
automate repetitive tasks, create chatbots
and go from idea to working app in minutes.

Advanced Microsoft 365 Security and
Modern Work Managed Services to protect
company data whilst employees collaborate
and work from anywhere.

Copilot is built on Microsoft's comprehensive
approach to security, compliance and privacy.


of people say they’re worried
AI will replace their jobs


would delegate as much work as
possible to AI to lessen their workloads

Connect and empower every employee,
from the office to the frontline, with a
Microsoft 365 solution that enhances
productivity and drives innovation.

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Optimise your organisation with the power of Power Platform

Experience the transformation capabilities of Power Platform
with Gijima as your trusted guide!

The Power Platform encompasses a dynamic trio – Power
Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate – providing unparalleled
capabilities for app development, data visualisation, and
process automation. At Gijima, we understand the paramount
importance of efficiency and innovation, and our team of
experts is dedicated to helping you leverage the Power
Platform to its fullest extent.

Gijima offers a unique APP-in-a-Day solution to train and
empower employees to build their own Apps to improve and
optimise processes.

Join our 5-day PowerApps Training Course and discover the
limitless possibilities of building business applications with ease
and efficiency. Don’t let the fear of coding hold you back!
Embrace the power of PowerApps and transform the way you work.

Do you need better governance in managing the
sprawling PowerApps? Speak to Gijima to establish your
PowerApps Centre of Excellence.

Let Gijima modernise your Intranets, Websites,
Teams Voice or assist you with Migrations

Modern intranets and websites are essential
Digital Communication Tools. Let’s improve
your employee productivity and customer
engagement using a world-class design
framework. Our solutions include world class
security, governance and regulatory
compliance that will empower employees
and customers alike.

Gijima specialises in expert platform
migrations, providing comprehensive
solutions for customers at any stage of their
cloud journey. From seamless cloud
onboarding to intricate cross-tenant
migrations, we have you covered. Our team
is well-versed in facilitating smooth
transitions from on-premise to cloud
environments, encompassing SharePoint,
File Servers, and Exchange.

Understanding the dynamic nature
of businesses, we recognise the need for
efficient cross-tenant migrations during
divestitures or acquisitions. Our expertise
extends to handling workloads such as
SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, Teams,
and Teams Chat data, as well as Exchange

Discover the power of Microsoft Teams
Voice with Direct Routing, brought to you by
Gijima Live Teams Cloud, hosted in Azure.
As specialists in platform migrations, we
enable businesses to leverage the full
potential of this cutting-edge communication

With Teams Voice and Direct Routing, you
can revolutionise your organisation’s
communication landscape. Seamlessly
integrate your existing telephony
infrastructure with Teams, empowering your
workforce with the flexibility of making and
receiving calls directly from the familiar
Teams interface.

Let Gijima be your trusted partner in
unlocking the true potential of Teams Voice
with Direct Routing. Experience enhanced
connectivity, superior call quality, and
seamless collaboration, all within the
Microsoft Teams environment.

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