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The Robert Gumede Keni Foundation And Gijima Show Up For Mpumalanga Once Again By Donating Four Million-rand Worth Covid-19 Health Equipment

22 September 2020

The Robert Gumede Keni Foundation together with leading ICT company Gijima have

donated five Covid-19 temperature monitors, face recognition, security metal detector scanners worth about

four million-rand. The health equipment was donated to several public hospitals and clinics in the

Mpumalanga province. The beneficiaries include the Rob Ferreira Hospital, Themba Hospital, Tonga Hospital,

Embhuleni Hospital in the Elukwatini region, Tintswalo Hospital and lastly the Kanyamazane Clinic. The 4IR

smart Covid-19 scanners have helped eliminate queues and have assisted in identifying high-risk patients with

Covid-19 symptoms in time. “The scanners donated will remain useful as they can still be used post covid-19,

the hospitals will always need temperature detectors. The smart scanners also help eliminate fraudulent civil

claims against the Department of Health, says Dr P Gumede”.

The 4IR smart Covid-19 scanners are placed at entrances and are used as a walkthrough body detector to

detect high body temperatures, age, gender and If the person walking through is wearing a mask or not. This

artificial intelligence technology was developed by Gijima and a Chinese global digital technology company,

Hikvision. An alarm goes off if high temperatures are registered as an early warning system, this helps the

hospitals and clinics to help lessen the number of people entering their premises who might potentially have

the Covid-19 virus from being in contact with other patients.

South Africa has now recorded over half-a-million confirmed infections, according to an announcement made

recently by the Minister of health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize. About 3 272 caases are still active in the Mpumalanga

province, this leaves Mpumalanga as number 6 in the country with regards to the number of people who have

tested positive, it is therefore a priority for the Robert Gumede Foundation and Gijima to ensure that the

province remains in this position and not one with the highest number of infections in South Africa.

The Robert Gumede Keni Foundation and Gijima, plans to avail more funds in order to help develop more

scanners and donate more of them to other public hospitals and clinics across the country.

As the country moves into level one, the need for artificial intelligence and 4IR grows exponentially and

requires attention immediately. Gijima planson investing more time in developing solutions that will assist

the country and the world with continuing with life safely in this new era of new- normal at the back of its

Health Information Systems for NHI. Gijima is one of the major suppliers of high tech and 4IR health systems

to Provincial Government Department of Health hospitals, community clinics, private hospitals etc.


The population in the Mpumalanga province is just over 3 million people which represents about 7.3% of the

total country’s population, more than 65% of the Mpumalanga province is underprivileged and cannot afford

private healthcare insurance. The MEC for Health in Mpumalanga, Ms. Sasekani Manzini has been working

tirelessly to ensure that more people get tested for Covid-19 and remain in good health for the new normal.

We are happy to have partnered the Province and the MEC Manzini, in flattening the curve of coronavirus.

We have witnessed the MEC work tirelessly in the province in her fight to save lives and livelihoods by

encouraging our people to use health protocols and protect our first responders (doctors, nurses, health

workers etc.).

The Robert Gumede Foundation and Gijima hope that with the donation of the scanners to the various

hospitals, frontline workers will be further empowered to decrease the potential second wave through

non-contact screening of incoming patients. “The fight to keep our hospitals available for critical medical

needs remains imperative and it is our belief that the presence of the Gijima smart 4IR scanners will

definitely assist in flattening the curve, this will ensure that.


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