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Lenmed partners with Gijima and Ahmed Kathrada Foundation on an empowerment computer training programme

Lenmed, Gijima and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation joined forces to facilitate and sponsor a computer skills training initiative aimed at empowering and upskilling the unemployed youth from Lenasia, Soweto and surrounding areas and semi-skilled workers within the Lenmed Health Group with essential computer literacy and digital skills. This strategic collaboration sought to not only promote the development of youth and selective staff members from Lenmed’s Gauteng hospitals – namely, Ahmed Kathrada Private Hospital, Daxina Private Hospital, Randfontein Private Hospital and Zamokuhle Private Hospital – but also to bridge the digital divide and foster a technologically inclusive society.

As technology continues to shape the modern business world, computer literacy has become a fundamental requirement for personal and professional success. Unfortunately, many individuals still lack access to proper computer skills training and resources, inhibiting their ability to participate fully in the digital age. In light of this pressing challenge, Lenmed, Gijima and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation have partnered to make a positive social impact.

“We are excited to have collaborated with Gijima and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation in providing computer lessons to those who lack the skill and necessary resources. At Lenmed, we firmly believe that access to and the ability to properly use technology to advance oneself should be available to everyone,” said Amil Devchand, Group CEO. “Through this sponsorship, which is an extension of how we further Lenmed’s mission to create prosperous communities, we hope to foster a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive in an increasingly digital world.”

The programme hosted at the Lenmed Nursing College during July and August graduated 50 beneficiaries in basic computer literacy and digital communication skills. The training sessions were conducted by Umbuso Digital Technology Organisation – a training service provider and NPO appointed by Gijima based on their focus on accredited training services, skills development, youth empowerment and other platforms for individuals from disadvantaged communities.

Gijima is a leading black-owned organisation that provides turn-key IT solutions and believes in equipping individuals who lack access to technology. Head of Transformation, Elisa Makwa said, “We believe in creating transformational digital solutions to South African citizens in order to bridge the digital divide caused by the lack of technological skills in our society. Through this sponsorship, we believe the positive impact will be long-lasting and passed over to many other individuals.”

Recognising the importance of partnering with like-minded organisations and industry mavens to facilitate and promote learning and development, both within and outside of the organisation, Lenmed Group’s Chief Information Officer, Ashley Strydom, and Head of People and Culture, Bhavani Jeena, jointly shared how driving the initiative “will significantly amplify Lenmed’s efforts to empower individuals with vital skills that may improve their employability prospects and overall quality of life.”

“Together, with the key sponsors, we are proud to have paved the way that creates a more equitable future, where technology is an enabler rather than a barrier,” they added.

On behalf of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Board Member, Prema Naidoo shared: “We are delighted to have members of the youth clubs participating in this important course. It will sharpen their digital skills and enable them to compete in the job market. We are grateful for the opportunity afforded to our young people, and we look forward to lasting relations.”

“The computer lessons play a crucial role in bridging the digital divide prevalent in the areas where our youth club members are located. We are also confident that the lessons will empower young people to actively engage in the job and business market,” added Ahmed Kathrada Foundation Youth Activism Programme Manager, Obakeng Kgatshe.

Lenmed’s Head of Social Impact Dr Morgan Mkhatshwa shared the significance of the programme by stating that; “The societal effects of computer literacy is profound and far-reaching. All the stakeholders that were involved in this community upliftment programme are proud to positively contribute to upgrading the skills of employees and youth who participated in it, enabling them to advance their career development plans. By embracing technology and continuous learning, they will be able to adapt to the ever-evolving digital landscape, thereby remaining relevant in the workplace and increasing their employability and resilience in the face of technological advancements.”

Lenmed owns and manages 18 hospitals in four African countries.