Experience Advanced AI-assisted Managed Services to Power Your Business

How do you effectively monitor, maintain, and protect your complex IT systems to ensure they operate efficiently and securely?

We understand that managing and maintaining complex IT
systems can be overwhelming!

Like you, we know how serious it is when your business
systems are hacked, and critical data and customer personal information is stolen.

Cost containment and securing IT estates remain a concern
for many organisations.

It is not easy to stay abreast of all the new features and
capabilities that Microsoft releases on a regular basis. How do
you effectively manage and introduce these capabilities to
your employees?

You need a reliable partner to augment your team or take full
responsibility in managing your environment, allowing you to
focus on business priorities!

Your Trusted Microsoft
Partner for Managed Services

As a certified Microsoft Partner, Gijima specialises in managing, optimising, and protecting
your IT estate. Our team uses the latest AI-infused Microsoft technologies to ensure your
operations run smoothly and securely.

Gijima is a Microsoft Certified Managed Service Provider (MSP), a Cloud Solution Provider
(CSP) and exclusive Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), and one of only 3 specialist
Microsoft security Partner in South Africa.

We are certified Microsoft Global Learning Parnter with proven people change management
solutions to maximise adoption.

Gijima provides a comprehensive and
quality Managed Services solution

Advanced 24/7 Managed Services for M365,
Azure and Multi and or Hybrid Cloud with
on-prem footprint.

Access to expert resources using AI-assisted
Microsoft technologies to manaage, secure and
optimize your environment.

Advanced Microsoft 365 Security and
Modern Work Managed Services to protect
company data whilst employees collaborate
and work from anywhere.

Azure Managed Services help govern,
secure, and manage the Azure cloud whilst
modernising and future proofing your

Monitor and evolve your Security Strategy
with Zero-Trust as a service.

Backup & Recovery, including Metallic to
complete Business Continuity service

Sentinel SOC services with a modern
security information event management
(SIEM) and security orchestration automated
response (SOAR) solution,

Simplify your Microsoft License
procurement with our CSP license and
billing services whilst optimising and
reducing costs where possible.

Commitment to continuous improvement
through unique training and education
solutions on the latest solutions and

State of the Art ITSM solution to log issues,
monitor Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance
and facilitate team collaboration to resolve
issues in a timely and quality-assured manner.

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3 Steps to Peace of Mind

Step 1

Attend our 2-hour Managed Services Provider Workshop to explore managed services

Step 2

Gijima presents a
Recommended Managed Services

Step 3

Contract Gijima as your Partner that helps Manage and Optimise your IT Estate

Make Gijima
Your Managed
Service Provider!

The complexity and risk of managing your IT
Estate will continue to increase.

Let Gijima manage and optimise your IT
Estate for complete peace of mind.

We will help you improve compliance, data
governance and security posture.

Get better visibility of operational expenses
and budget forecasting.

Worry less and focus more on your priority business outcomes!