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BoardView: delivering flexibility, efficiency and productivity to the meeting room

While the much talked about ‘paperless office’ has yet to materialise, there is no longer any reason for senior executives to haul unwieldy reams of paper with them when attending board meetings. Effective people require up to date information at their fingertips. BoardView Professional is the essential solution for scheduling, managing and conducting paperless meetings for today's mobile executives. Work from anywhere, at anytime, with documents in an electronic format which can be securely shared.

Business Value

- Increased efficiency and effectiveness.

- Access to multiple boards (cross company) from a single app.

- On premise or cloud support.

 - Elimination of outdated and costly paper-based processes.

- Members receive most recent and accurate information.

- Enterprise grade data security.


Digital Signature Support

- Documents can be signed digitally

- Signatures are verifiable and the signed document is legally acceptable.


Document Pre-approval Support

Documents that are not part of a meeting can be approved. Approved documents are automatically added to the upcoming meeting if required.


App and Process Notifications

All additions, modifications and deletions to a meeting pack are communicated to users via push notifications.


Improved Annotations

Annotations have been re-engineered; a number of additional options for pen thickness, type and colour are now available.


Configurable Corporate Identity

BoardView can be customised to reflect your organisations corporate colours and logos.


Offline capability

To ensure productivity even without connectivity, users are able to download all the content onto the app and continue working. All the locally stored data is encrypted.


About BoardView

Gijima’s BoardView app can be deployed as an on-premise or hosted solution and can be supplied with policy-managed and secured iPads. Utilising its vast experience in governance and IT management, Gijima has developed this solution as a means of revolutionising board meetings and removing the hassle associated with paper-based communications.

It is highly secure, easy-to-use and boosts efficiencies, resulting in shorter, more effective meetings. BoardView by Gijima is the ideal tool for effectively setting up meetings, keeping track of agendas, managing attendees, controlling a wide variety of actions and getting things done.

Moreover, for those board members who sit on numerous boards or committees, this app will enable them to view all their meetings on a single, easy-to-access list. BoardView is designed to improve business productivity, reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint and put an end to unwieldy paper-based information packs. It is highly secure, easy-to-use and boosts efficiencies, resulting in shorter, more effective meetings.




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