Public Services

At Gijima, we have a passion for the public service and a belief in government’s ability to shape our future landscape and accelerate development and growth. We also believe that today’s government has to constantly adapt to an ever changing environment, and has to do so on the fly if it is to remain relevant and in touch with the requirements of the populous. We understand that government stakeholders, whether they be national, provincial, local or state owned entities, have varying service delivery and sourcing requirements and that they are looking for partners that are flexible enough to adapt as requirements change.


In response to these needs, Gijima have strived to develop and implement innovative IT services offerings and capabilities toprovide the utmost flexibility to our public service clients. By doing this, we have demonstrated the ability to deliver efficient and effective solutions for our clients today. While also providing our clients with the thought leadership, trusted advice and assurance that we are truly in partnership with them. We strive to help our customers  address their requirements for enhancement, growth and innovation in the future.


With a strong national presence and a proven capability for delivering world class technology and services designed to support the government business engine, Gijima can be trusted to keep the public service on the cutting edge of information and communication technology for delivering quality services to the public. Partnership with Gijima means that we enable government to focus on delivering their vision to citizens.




The Public Services Journey to 2025


At Gijima, we have embarked on a journey to be widely recognised as the South African black owned company that transformed into a global technology solutions leader by 2025. If we are to become this leader than we need to ensure that this journey must be undertaken with strategic partners in the public sector. Of paramount importance is the need to identify niche areas to focus on in order to allow ourselves the ability to develop innovative solutions that will allow our government partners to excel in their respective portfolios.

Gijima have embarked on developing a multi-faceted solution approach to ensure that clients and partners in the public services vertical are able to realize their core mandates. Through the development of  innovative cutting edge solutions, we at Gijima have sought to address burning issues that government faces across its various tiers. In combining our client centric solutions across the broad spectrum of Gijima services and technology, we can ensure our clients realize immense value in undertaking their journeys with us.

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