Systems Integration


Systems Integration

Business goals are enabled by information and the ability to gather, process and act on information timeously and intelligently. The increasing complexity of today's business landscape and advancing technology have given rise to endless emerging applications and the ability for business to use applications to address requirements. The need to manage, integrate and to optimise applications, and innovation and reliability in each aspect of application management and design has become an improtant requirement. Data analysis and sharing is becoming a top priority, and the expertise required to support complex information systems and missions has never been higher. Our Systems integration practice helps cleints find solutions to achieve business goals and address integration and management challenges across the full technology lifecycle. Our scalable services and practices enables customers to identify goals, develop, implement and manage systems based on business value, and manage risk. Gijima offers a range of solutions, from emerging technologies, custom development capability, established packaged software, and application outsourcing, management and support services to address industry-wide as well as company specific requirements. These include:



Gijima Professional Services

With our expertise in ICT planning, analysis, governance and architecture, Gijima can assist clients to successfully navigate complexities to find real business solutions. These services aim to manage individual applications to entire application portfolios from business assessment, through planning and design, to implementation.


Gijima Specialised Solutions

Gijima offers specialised solutions for the different industries and value bundles to address industry specific challenges. Specialised applications enables the company to  address risks unique to the industry.

Gijima’s industry targeted packaged applications and bundles significantly reduces time required for development and implementation.


Gijima Systems Development

Gijima develops software that deliver unique business outcomes. These solutions are flexile and scalable, and able to grow and evolve with the business. They are designed to deliver specific business outcomes that benefit the organisation through innovation and operational efficiencies.

Gijima offers integration development between existing business applications.


Gijima Application Management

Enabled by our comprehensive skills and capabilities, Gijima offers a variety of Application Management models, ranging from task-based, specialised to comprehensive application outsourcing solutions.