About us (NEC Business Unit)

NEC is a leader in the communications industry, Gijima has created a group that specializes in bringing the various award winning NEC platforms together in order to create custom build, made to fit any business/solutions within the communication sphere of any company. We utilise unified communication platforms, unique server offerings, thin client, storage solutions, biometrics, communication enabled business process and alarming tools, CRM, Contact Centre and management tools. From these award winning products create solutions that is specifically designed around the vertical industry sectors of healthcare, hospitality, education and utilities in order to create tailor fit solutions for your business.

We have exciting ways of managing not only your traditional voice traffic but also your data and wifi usage within a company.

Together with the other divisions within Gijima, we are uniquely able to integrate our solutions with other role players like SAP(largest skills set in SA), Microsoft (Gold partner) and Cisco(Gold partner) (utilising our own in house skills) in order to provide a complete and fully integrated solutions to our end customers.

NEC has the largest installed base of PBX/PABX systems in the country, and we are uplifting our customer base to the next generation of Unified Communication & Collaboration platforms. With a countrywide network of support personnel, we can deliver, support and maintain systems and solutions across the entire country. As NEC's "UC&C Partner of the Year" in the entire EMEA region, we are uniquely placed to provide the full range of solutions from basic, highly available voice, to world class UC &C solutions across the whole country.

The NEC Business Unit adds further value by looking for means to reduce costs, skills accessibility and providing a single point of responsibility. We offer both opex and capex models. We offer various cloud/hosted solutions.

The NEC Business Unit is eager to become your unified communications partner of choice and believes that our unique set of skills, experience, creative management solutions and relevant track record equips us to achieve this more cost effectively and rapidly than any competitor. 


NEC Vertical Markets




Hospitality (

Mining, Energy and Utilities (Industrial)


NEC Service offerings 

The NEC Business Unit is the Unified Communications Solutions and Services Business Unit of the Gijima Group. As part of the Gijima Group we offer end-to-end technology solutions, from once-off niche projects to fully outsourced services or cloud based solutions on strategic relationships.

Our service applies across the spectrum of Local Area, Wide Area and Cloud based Unified communications networks, as well as value added network services and applications. Services include:


  • Network Strategy
  • Planning
  • Design and audit consulting
  • Solution delivery and commissioning, and
  • Ongoing operational and management services


Our Comprehensive Solutions

Within the NEC Business Unit, we believe that the "Network" concept embraces the symbiotic and seamless combination of Local area, Wide area and Voice network infrastructures, together with intrinsic and extrinsic value-adding applications and services, which respectively underpin and leverage any particular network.


We consequently provide solutions and services across the following spectrum of technologies:


  1. Monitoring, Response, Optimisation
  2. Policy based QoS Assurance
  3. Moves, Adds and changes
  4. Billing and Cost Calculation
  5. Automated notification and Response
  1. Remote Technician web interface
  2. Best in market Smartphone Apps for Android, Iphone and BlackBerry