Financial Services Industry

Financial Services Industry Overview

Today’s economic environment is complex and unpredictable. Achieving and sustaining competitive advantage will depend on how rapidly and seamlessly financial services enterprises adopt new business models that lower costs, embrace new technologies and connect with customers. Operating successful financial services enterprises demands sound management of multiple components, both internally and externally.


Core Offerings
Managed Work Place

Gijima’s proven track record in the Managed Work Place environment has aided clients to reduce costs and improve functionality through long-term, strategic and collaborative relationships. Through our innovative approach to this established area of IT services, we are able to simplify, standardise and automate client environments. We are able to support multiple devices and enterprise environments such as sales, satellite, head offices and processing centres across industries. We have successfully worked with clients to open new sales and services channels in a manner that improves business development and customer experience whilst remaining cost effective. Gijima offers a sales branch uptime solution that solves common challenges such as the escalating cost of space and energy, poor access control to information sources and increased downtime. In operational environments we offer a world-class workload automation solution that is critical to transaction-based enterprises, as is the case with most in financial services. This single integrated solution is ideal for replacing multiple schedulers, making this function simpler and more efficient.

Data Analytics / Discovery Tools and Services

Data Analytics enables enterprises to use information to shape business strategies, both in profit and non-profit environments. In this area we firstly help our clients to discover useful information before analysing it in order to aid business decision-making. Data Discovery is a subset of the broader category of Business Intelligence. It emphasizes interactive, visual analytics rather than static reporting. Traditional Business Intelligence requires development time, is inflexible and requires constant refinement. Data discovery on the other hand, allows for the answer to a question to arrive immediately and can be thrown away in favour of a better question (flexible), and this can be repeated indefinitely with no lead-time. Our approach in this domain is not to displace but to rather work with existing solutions, in a complementary manner. A key feature of our solution is the ability to simultaneously address both structured and unstructured data, from varying sources.


Information Management

Information management has steadily grown in terms of importance in business, on the back of the acceptance that enterprises compete on information. How an enterprise manages its information will determine its success relative to competitors. Our information management offering includes both Gijima and partner-developed solutions. Our solutions are geared to both client and non-client facing environments. Our back office solution allows for the collection, processing and tracking of large amounts of information. This end-to-end solution was developed in-house and has been thoroughly tested in the local environment. It reduces cost through minimising the use of paper, bandwidth and storage. We have also developed an innovative product/service/account origination solution that is quick, improves customer experience and guarantees the easy reuse of customer records for future activations.

Microsoft Services

Gijima has a highly decorated Microsoft capability, currently the Microsoft Partner of the Year, winning 6 out of the 7 awards entered. A feat no other competitor has achieved. Our Microsoft resources have local and global industry recognition and certifications. Gijima offers consulting services with a strong emphasis on taking client business strategies and existing architectures into account. Our team complements this consultative offering with strong execution and project management of migration, upgrade, systems management, maintenance and support solutions.


Traditional Data Centre and Infrastructure Services

Our Data Centre Solutionsoffer organizations of all sizes the ability to reduce IT complexity, improve performance and flexibility in scaling to prevailing operational demands. We understand that no two businesses are the same and provide solutions from a single dedicated server through to managed hosting, co-location and complex hosting environments. Add to this our long-standing experience in this sector as well as premium partnerships with HP IBM, SAP, Microsoft and VMware. Network failures are disruptive and costly to businesses, prohibiting employees from working productively and leaving clients unable to contact you. It is imperative to have a resilient network infrastructure and to ensure any problems are intercepted and prevented from impacting on business. Gijima has a comprehensive network solution offering including: Remote Network Support, Network Audit & Inventory and Converged Network Design Solutions.


IT GRC & Security

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) is a complex, costly and continuously expanding domain. Gijima has adopted a data-centric approach to this part of our business. Apart from the need to comply, protecting data reduces risk and makes business sense as enterprises make use of data in order to compete. Our focussed approach targets industry-specific challenges and makes use of both off-the-shelf solutions and those custom made for specific environments.Many of our solutions provide cost benefits as they address multiple regulatory requirements simultaneously. Data rarely sits within a single enterprise but is rather transported amongst and processed by multiple partners. Our key differentiator in this area is our ability to build solutions with the wider partner ecosystem in mind, which results in solutions that protect static or moving data across multiple partners.


MobileIT (Gijima’s Mobile Platform)

Financial services enterprises are faced with the introduction of new and varying devices to their business environments. These provide challenges but when harnessed effectively, have the potential revolutionise business development to the benefit of enterprises.  This trend is in line with financial services enterprises’ efforts to improve their reach to customers through alternative channels. Mobile channels are making transactions more convenient and reducing the cost of serving clients. They improve customer experience both in sales environments physically and online. Mobile also has the potential to improve productivity in corporate environments. Local enterprises have had time to build knowledge and experience in this area but as some begin mass adoption, the window to continue experimenting has closed. Enterprises now need specialists to get the results required in order to remain competitive.

Our offering is targeted at sales, support and corporate environments and is also applicable across industries. At a high level it includes: Devices, Development, Integration, Security and Consulting. Due to Gijima’s agnostic approach to mobile our platform (MobileIT) does not force specific development tools upon enterprises, but rather accommodates those that best suit the client. We are proud that this platform has been built for Africa by Africans and has achieved recognition from leading international information technology research houses. Additional solutions available in our solutions offering include: human resources, consultancy, project management, procurement systems, information portals and cheque processing.


Why Gijima?

Gijima’s business and technology solutions are designed to support the evolving financial services industry and draw upon a unique blend of industry knowledge, technology expertise and intellectual property. Gijima is a trusted thought leader and information technology partner, offering a focussed range of solutions in financial services. Our offering is underpinned by our head office based ISC (Integrated Service Centre) and extensive footprint. These ensure that our solutions and services are always available in order to provide support to our clients. Gijima has the highest levels of accreditation with the majority of technology Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and partners. We constantly collaborate with these partners in order to ensure that we offer value to clients through innovative solutions and competitive pricing.

Please contact our Industry Consultant, Mr Gontse Tsatsi on +27 12 675 7609 or e-mail for further information.