Data Centre and IT Service Management

Supporting technology is becoming increasingly expensive, consuming up to 70% of end user budgets for maintenance and software support. Gijima's IT Service Management strategy is focused on healing and prevention, while delivering quality support at a lower cost. This is a transformational model that CIO's can leverage to spend less on end user support, and so enable them to reinvest these savings into projects that really drive the business. 

Gijima’s Data Centre and IT Service Management offering encompasses the ITIL methodologies for operations management, controls and compliance reporting. Strong focus is placed on the principle of “do more with less”, by automating core processes and technology. This automation enables us to extend our capabilities in terms of self-healing and proactive incident management.
We also demonstrate the tangible business benefits and potential savings to our customers in other service areas, such as Software Asset management and High Availability systems management.

Gijima Datacentre Solutions offer organizations of all sizes the ability to reduce IT complexity, improve performance and flexibility in scaling to prevailing operational demands. We understand that no two businesses are the same and provide solutions from a single dedicated server through to managed hosting, co-location and complex hosting environments. Add to this our long standing experience in this sector as well as premium partnerships with HP IBM, SAP, Microsoft and VMware.

Dedicated Datacentre solutions from Gijima provide control and access to premium branded managed servers, bandwidth and qualified 24 x 7 technical support, all serviced within the frameworks of a World class Integrated Service Center (ISC)