Web Analytics

Our enterprise web analytics service deliver insight to your web traffic, helping you make informed business decisions that convert more visitors to customers. At Gijima we move beyond pure web analytics and help you incorporate your ERP and CRM data to your website visitor data.  This allows you to see the real impact of marketing campaigns, new website designs, new product launches and keep a close eye on the ROI of your website.

The ultimate goal is to deliver a single meaningful view of all data sources that ultimately impact on the bottom line.


Powerful Insight



Understand who is visiting your website

Use actual data to optimize your website

Match visitor data to CRM data, understand who the visitor is

Evaluate success of marketing campaigns

Build marketing campaigns based on what your customer wants

Understand customers buying patterns, from web browsing to purchase.

Maximize benefit from social media interaction

Test performance of multiple versions of web pages

Match PABX data to website visitors

Make informed business decisions

Tweak your website on the fly

Combine web marketing efforts, with analytic performance

We also offer Enterprise SEO services which together with Web Analytics deliver a powerful web solution for your business.