Enterprise SEO.

Our approach to Enterprise SEO is driven by the business requirements of our customers.  All too often companies build their websites with a view of just getting visible on the internet, very little focus goes into using the website as a powerful lead generation system.  As an enterprise business you would already have a high Google page rank, as a result of high value websites linking to you, press releases distributed via the web and your current marketing efforts.

But are you generating sales from your website?

Our tried and tested Enterprise SEO methodologies ensure that the website delivers business value, converts visitors into leads and ultimately becomes a valued salesman silently closing deals for your business.

Our Enterprise SEO services ensure that your business is found on the search engines.  People have preferred ways of searching for content on the internet, Our SEO methodology ensures that you are found on the top of search engine results pages, without breaking the search engines rules. When combine with our Web Analytics services will provide you with a exceptional ROI.



Gijima’s SEO services are defined as follows:

Evaluate – We evaluate and analyse your current website, generating a baseline report, at the same time we analyse your business focusing on the services and products.  This information is used to build the action plan.

Research – A critical aspect of the action plan in research, we research your competitors web presence, research your competitors products and services and establish what are people searching for.  The way you describe your products may be very different to what the average person searches for in the search engines.

Refine –  Once we have the action plan we will now refine your current website, this may include  rewriting content, redesigning your link structures, social media integration or basic SEO optimization.

Optimize- We have the capability to continually monitor your website, evaluating the business intelligence analytic reports and refining the website or content to meet the real time search queries.   The goal is to capitalize on every opportunity to capture search traffic, while ensuring that the website delivers real value to the visitor, turning that visitor into a qualified lead. 

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