Occupational Hygiene Services


Gijima Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Services is a Department of Labour Approved Inspection Authority (AIA), and is SANAS accredited in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020, as an Occupational Hygiene Inspection Body (Certificate Number OH0029 - CI 017). Our services cover Risk Assessments and the monitoring of all Physical Stress Factors (including Vibration, EMF and UV Radiation), Chemical Stress Factors (including Lead and Asbestos), Testing of Ventilation Systems and Ergonomic Assessments and Training. With well over 100 years of cumulative experience, our OH Services team consists of highly qualified and experienced Occupational Hygiene Professionals which primarily focuses on Occupational Hygiene and its interaction with the Occupational Health, Safety and Engineering Control fields.

Occupational Hygiene Services for Industry, Mining, Commerce, the Government and Parastatals (all employers at all levels and sizes)

We develop, implement and maintain an Occupational Health programs consisting of:

Health Risk Assessments (Qualitative and Quantitative): The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993 and Mine Health and Safety Act of 1996 require a comprehensive Health Risk Assessment of the working environment in order to develop a plan of action to reduce, or otherwise control Occupational Health Risks. This includes designing/developing of an OH Monitoring Strategy, necessary Training, Medical Surveillance, Exposure Control and Protection Programs.

Occupational Hygiene Monitoring: Occupational Hygiene Monitoring is strictly performed according to National and International standards, with the aid of state of the art, properly maintained and calibrated equipment, operated by trained, professional personnel.


Chemical hazards*

-      Comprehensive airborne pollutant exposure monitoring inclusive of harmful dusts, gasses, vapours, mists and fumes (including Lead and Asbestos).


Physical hazards

-      Noise Surveys*for Hearing Conservation and Engineering Control Purposes, DMR Point Source measurements,

-      Mechanical Extraction Ventilation System Efficiency Testing*,

-      Thermal Stress Surveys (Temperature extremes; Heat Stress and Cold),

-      General Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Surveys (Sick Building Syndrome),

-      Vibration Surveys (Hand Arm and Whole Body),

-      Electric- and Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation Surveys,

-      Illumination Surveys (Indoor and Outdoor),

-      Ultra-Violet (UV) Radiation Surveys.


Biological hazards

-      Surface, Air and water, e.g. bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds (including Personal Hygiene and Facilities related inspections),

-      Mechanical Extraction Ventilation System Efficiency Testing*.


Ergonomic hazards

-      Visibility studies on vehicles,

-      Assessments (Improperly designed tools, workstations and work area layoutsetc.).


Occupational Hygiene Services Out-Sourcing:

     -    Tailor-made to the client requirements,

-    Complete out-sourcing of Occupational Hygiene Services and Management, or

     -    Any-form or level of partial outsourcing.


Training – Client Specific Occupational Hygiene Needs:

In-stead of offering off-the-shelve generic training, we develop and present training material that has been custom developed to the client’s specific needs and circumstances.


Reports – Our pride:

Our comprehensive Occupational Hygiene Risk Assessment and Monitoring Reports are simple enough to be understood by a layperson, yet detailed enough to be very useful to the Risk Manager, Plant Engineering Manager and Occupational Medical Practitioner, but always conforming to national and international best practice standards.

*SANAS Accredited (Inspection body OH0029)


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