Industrial Industries


Gijima Industrial is a provider of IT Services  in the fields of IT Managed Services,  IT and communication Products,  Software, and Industry Solutions, specific for the Mining and Manufacturing industry sectors.

IT and Communication Services

Gijima has a solid track record, providing technologies and solutions in both Technical as well as Commercial IT domains, covering Enterprise IT Solutions, Consulting Services, and Support Services  in the Industrial  business sector. Our hands-on approach enables us to make a tangible contribution to the achievement of our client’s business goals, through increased production throughput, cost reduction, and improving working capital. This is achieved by complementing Gijima’s IT portfolio of technologies and services with specific Industry Solutions for:

The Mining sector, supporting our MineRP solution portfolio, we have more than 60 industry experts in the areas of Mine engineering and Geology engaging our clients with a consultative and trusted advisor approach, providing through leadership, for the development, implementation and integration of enterprise mining systems.

The Manufacturing Sector , our comprehensive portfolio of IT Applications and IT Infrastructure services integrate into the Manufacturing Operations Management and plant production areas. Our niche service offerings include Environmental monitoring, plant Technical Training and Engineering specific services.

Gijima Continually;

•          Establishes Strategic Relationships with key clients

•          Provides IT Outsource and IT Support services

•          Provides Executive Information  for managers to excel as business leaders

Today we find technology embedded in all mining and manufacturing processes. It is no longer a non-core support function, but is part of driving business performance and enriching peoples lives like never before.